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  Task 1

  1. A friend of yoursalways gets up late in the morning and misses his morning classes. Theprofessor has told him that this behavior will affect his grade. What advicewould you give him and why? Please include details and examples in yourexplanation.

  Well, the advice I would give to myfriend is trying his best to change his lifestyle so that he could attend everymorning class. He could do some sports in the afternoon, which is beneficial tohis health. If it’s hard for him to fall asleep at night, it will be helpfulfor him to listen to some soft music. If he keeps skipping classes, it is quitepossible for him to fail it. It is a waste of time spending the entire morningin bed. We spend much money for our education. It also squanders our parents’ money.However, as a student, our task is to study well. Without great academicperformance, it will be extremely difficult to find a decent job in the future.

  2. What quality do youthink is the most important for a university student? Self-motivation, hard-working,or intelligence.

  Personally speaking, I believe themost important quality a university student is supposed to have isself-motivation. When it comes to learning anything, it takes intelligence andself-motivation. However, not everybody is talented in learning anything.self-motivate could make it up for the lack of intelligence. Taking learning aforeign language for example, some people are really talented. It becomes easyfor them to learn it. But their gift will be squandered if they are reluctantto spend more time studying. As forthose self-motivated students, they might not be really good at this languageat the very beginning. They are willing to try different methods and spend someextra time on it. After practicing it for a certain period of time, theirlanguage proficiency will be excellent.

  3. In a Team project, be a leader or be a team member.

  Personally speaking, I prefer to bea team leader. There are two reasons for it. First of all, I do believe I havethose qualities that a good leader need, such as confidence, patience as wellas excellent communicative skills. People will believe what I say due to theconfidence I have. I am able to interact with different people, making themworking together efficiently. When problems occur, I would stay calm and try towork it out patiently. Secondly, it gives me a huge sense of achievement whenwe accomplish something difficult under my leadership. Two months ago, we tookpart in a drama competition held in our university. Surprisingly, we won thefirst prize.

  4. Where do you want tolive? A place near school, home or bus/subway station?

  Without a doubt, I would like to livenear subway station. There are several reasons for it. First of all, it iseasier for me to arrange my time. I am a well-organized person who will makeplans for everything in advance. When I want to go to somewhere, the amount oftime I need to spend on the way will be measurable, which is comforting for apunctual person like me. In addition, subway always arrives on time. You don’tneed to waste time waiting for a cab for over half an hour. Last but not least,restaurants, cinemas as well as shopping malls are usually built along thesubway, which means I can have access to various activities.

  5. ChooseONE of the forms of the technology in the list and tells why it changes (hashad great impact) people's lives in your country? a) The airplane b)Thecomputer c)The Television

  Personally, i think computers have the most importantimpact on people's lives in China .That mainly because it makes our study, workas well as the social life more convenient than before. Take the study forinstance, i used to write all my papers by hands, and it'll take me at least umtwo hours to finish just one paper and now with the computer, and with thesoftware like office like words and Excel and stuff, it's so easy for me totype all the materials and the content into the computer and send it to theprofessors by emails.

  6. Policeofficers, transportation workers, building designers, which do you think is themost important to a city?

  As far as I amconcerned, I would probably say police officers are the most significant to acity. There are two reasons for it. First of all, police officers are tryingtheir very best to protect people from getting harmed physically andfinancially. According to a survey, Chinese police officers are one of the bestin the world. They are able to solves crime cases efficiently. In addition,people will feel safe to do things under the protection of police officers.There is no need for people to worry about being robbed when carrying muchmoney with them. There is also no need for people to concern about being stolenwhen nobody is home.

  7. Somecountries now take measures to attract a large amount of foreign tourists forthe tourism site. Discuss the advantage and disadvantage of attracting a largeamount of foreign tourists in tourism site, give examples to illustrate yourpoints.

  In my view,attracting a host of foreign tourists to visit the tourism site is helpful toboost tourism and improve the local economy. Local people are able to increasetheir income and enhance their living standards. More visitors means more jobopportunities and the unemployment issue will be tackled in this way. On thecontrary, if there’re more foreign visitors, the primitive lifestyle of localresidents might be influenced and even changed dramatically. For instance, somelocal people who used to make a living by agriculture or making traditionalhandicrafts may start to run a hotel or a restaurant so the local culturecannot be well preserved.

  8. 如果有两所大学同时录取你,一所是名牌大学,但学费很贵;另一所没名气,但给你提供奖学金,你怎么选?

  Personally, Iwould choose to study in a well-known university rather than universities whichare not so famous. The main reason is that I would be able to receive a bettereducation in a well-known university which facilitates more advanced teachingresources and teaching equipment. Plus, there would be much more chances tomeet intelligent and excellent peers, which could be incredibly eye-opening andbeneficial for my future career. Most importantly, graduating from a keyuniversity would make it easy to find a decent job, since good companies andlarge international firms are more likely to employ graduates from renowneduniversities.

  9. How do you improve theeducation system of your country?

  Personally, quite a fewmeasures could be taken to improve our education system. Firstly, everybody inChina should attach less importance to the results of exams. Students fromprimary school, even from kindergarten suffer a lot from it. They have to spendextra time studying in order to get a higher score. It is a shame for them notto have any time to enjoy the only childhood they have. Besides, people couldbe educated in different ways. People are born differently. They are interestedin different things. We should encourage them to chase their dreams instead offorcing them to do anything they dislike, or even hate. Furthermore, we couldencourage them to be compassionate and independent.

  10. Your friend has to work a lot. Please suggest a hobby tohim to help him spend his weekend more delightful.

  I suggest thatmy friend should join a hiking club which organizes hiking on weekends, which Iconsider will bring great benefits to my friends’ physical health andpsychological health. To begin with, hiking is definitely a beneficial outdooractivity for my friend to keep fit. After working hard during weekdays, heneeds a way to free himself from the heavy workload and he’ll be able tostrengthen his stamina, which will definitely give him more energy to cope withhis job. Moreover, having a tighter connection with nature tends to bring him agood mood and hopefully he’ll forget his worries and stress from work.

  11. If you can have a part-time job at the university, whatposition would you choose; a lab assistant, a campus tour guide, or a library assistant?Why?

  Personally speaking, I’d like to be a library assistant. There’re a couple of reasons.First of all, being a library assistant would enable me to be exposed to a seaof books. As we all know, libraries are the main study resources for studentsand there’re novels, encyclopedias and all kinds of reference books thus Icould have more chances to read more if was a library assistant. In addition, Iadore the peaceful environment in the library so I could enjoy the peace andlet off my steam if I worked there. Every time I visit the library in myschool, the environment there will help me concentrate better.

  12. Describe a memorable experience in a restaurant or cafe.

  I’d like totalk about my experience in a well-known restaurant in my city which is namedthe Grandma’s. A fortnight ago, I ate out with my friends there and the servicewas impeccable. The waiters and waitresses who wore a friendly smile all thetime were so hospitable and helpful that a great number of customers wereattracted to eat out there. In addition, the food they served was mainlyChinese traditional dishes which were not only mouth-watering but alsonutritious. Better still, the price was moderate while the potion was extremelybig. So I pretty enjoy the time eating there.

  13. Which of thefollowing do you think the school should invest to improve student life: 1)Technology 2)Sports facilities 3)Research

  As far as I am concerned, schools are supposed to investinto sports facilities so that students could enjoy their life more at school.There are several reasons for it. First of all, with more sports facilities,more students could have access to various sports at the same. They don’t haveto waste time waiting any more. It is definitely a great way for students tomake friends when participating in team sports. Besides, most students in Chinaare suffering from their study. It is not only beneficial to their health, butalso it is a great way for them to release their pressure with the use ofsports facilities. They could study more efficiently when they are happy andhealthy.





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