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  1. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: It is better to relax by a movie or reading a book than doing physical exercise.

  Present-day city-dwellers have already been accustomed to the hustle and bustle of metropolis, plagued by the daily urban commute. Agonizing over endless work and trivia, average citizens have to find some leeway to both relax and let out their pent-up energy. The debate over what is the best solution to eliminating fatigue never fades out of the public arena.

  Those who often resort to a movie or a book for the sake of thorough relaxation tend to locate their logic at spiritual enjoyment, as most people, at least the vast majority of brain-workers, are inclined to mental relaxation after a whole-day tiring work. Every time when the curtain of night falls, flopping into an armchair, we are easily amazed by the latest Hollywood blockbuster, with a series of static or dynamic images taking us to a placid island or a tragic battlefield. A complete shift of mood from grave anxiety to great excitement can be achieved merely by a slight click of the mouse, sufficient enough to drag us out of exhaustion and distress. Even a bestseller, despite seeming to be a bit inferior to films in the regard of the relaxing effect, can calm us down and furnish us with a peaceful mind owing to the frequent meditation required in intensive reading. Naturally, such means of taking a break from the stifling daily routines are invariably applauded by many.

  However, legions of health experts doubt the above as they have the belief that real relaxation only can be actualized with the presence of both psychological and physiological participation. Loads of past and current academic periodicals, after continuous study and survey, have come to a unanimous conclusion that sweating off dirt in the body proves to be the optimal measure to relax. Such consensus indicates the irreplaceable function of doing physical exercises. To fully release the pressure, a snap glimpse at a movie or a book is far from enough because our physical condition has two integral parts, which means simple mental pleasure can seldom substitute for giving our body a workout to render us sweating. In most cases, non-manual workers may feel better right after sweating themselves by outdoor activities or high-intensity training. In the absence of regular exercises, a large number of nationals live in the state of sub-health, a final result as well as a by-product of insufficient relaxation. Immersed in videos and cartoons, seemingly good ways to relax, the masses are not conscious of delicate changes to their health, which means a lack of physical workout pushes them on the verge of falling ill easily.

  To sum up, movies together with books should be regarded as a rewarding and inspiring channel to get us away from fatigue and burden, but we shall not be under the delusion that bursting into laughter virtually equals full bodily liberation, as the two carry the same weight.

  2. The most important goal of education is to teach people how to educate themselves.

  Nothing is more important than education to an individual’s development which has traditionally played an important role in passing of knowledge. But today this purpose seems to be thrown away and the modern one tends to be helping students be better employed. Most people would agree that the latter should be the main goal of education. In my opinion, this is important but what is the most important one is to help students to educate themselves.

  Living in such highly competitive world, individuals only armed with knowledge may fail to be competent. This is mainly because what we can get from school is, after all, limited, no matter how long we have been educated. This fact can well explain why American high schools today ask their students to spend much time learning how to use resource materials, libraries, statistics and computers but not just learn academic courses such as mathematics or history. Americans believe that if children are taught to reason well and to research well, they will be able to find whatever facts they need and therefore become more competent.

  Receiving education is filled in the whole process of one’s life, rather than a part of time. That is to say, the graduation from school does not mean the ending of education. Instead, we are supposed and sometimes forced to learn more throughout the whole life. Once we enter the workplace, we should learn skills about how to get along well with colleagues, how to better accomplish the task arranged by superiors and how to balance work and life. After we become parents, we need try to adapt to this new role as soon as possible and also we need to learn how to take care of a baby day and night. Even when we get old, we still have to keep on studying the best way to spend plenty of leisure time. All of these can hardly be gained from school education.

  To sum up, only by learning how to educate oneself, one can learn more and become more competent, which is the most important goal of education. Learning is a life long process and we should never allow ourselves to become complacent or indifferent to the idea that there is always more to learn.

  3. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Nowadays, it is much easier to achieve success with help from one's family than what is like before. Use specific reasons and examples or details to support your answer.

  In order to succeed in this competitive society, people have to ask for help of others, particularly your family members, in terms of financial stability and career potential. I personally believe that With the assistance of family ,people can be successful smoothly now. I in this essay, my purpose is to elaborate on this opinion, and I will offer two arguments to support my case.

  To begin with, freedom from the pressure of money, or rather the lack of it, can contribute to one's confidence in the financial credibility. For instance, those young people from well-to-do families may become aware that rarely do they have to achieve success the hard way. In contrast, most of their peers from families that are short of money must depend largely on their own to succeed economically. Truly, stories have repeatedly been told about persons starting from scratches to prosperity; nevertheless, these examples are exceptions that prove the rule. Actually ,it is hard to achieve success without counting on help from the family in such a society where money can make the mare go.

  Secondly, there is no secret that being successful in life is often associated with one's recommendable educational background. This implies your reliance on your family to pay for your college education in the hope of having a rewarding career. It is the same today as it was in the past that higher education is usually available to those who can afford the high tuition fee, even though the effort is worthwhile. Education being concerned with the financial background, parents who can afford it are anxious to send their children to get career preparation either because they went to university or they did not. This goes to illustrate the importance of a financially support from family. On the other hand, although young people with low-income parents might as well make efforts to work hard so as to make a good preparation, lack of money hinder their improvement.

  In conclusion, in order to achieve economic and career success, the need to benefit from help provided by family members is more obvious than before. Without such help, the road to success seems often under construction. For those young people who can make use of the financial advantage, there appears to be always a short cut to success.

  4. Your community has a piece of land and is considering introducing a business to this land. Which business would you prefer? 1. A shopping mall 2. A performing art center 3. A hotel.

  Without a doubt, the business I would prefer is a shopping mall if my community happens to have a piece of vacant land. The benefits of introducing a shopping mall are bound to outweigh a performing art center as well as a hotel.

  To begin with, people living in the community would live a more convenient and colorful life. Shopping plays a pivotal role in every family. If there is a shopping mall within walking distance, it will be a fantastic for everybody. They don’t have to spend half an hour or even an hour on the way to the nearest shopping mall. It is definitely a great place for kids who are eager to buy toys and for girls who are crazy about shopping, since there are a wide range of products in the shopping mall. Basically, people could buy whatever they want to satisfy their needs. It is also a fantastic place for young people to have a date. A Shopping mall usually have a cinema and a certain number of restaurants. After shopping, they could watch a romantic movie and enjoy a fancy meal.

  In addition, it is more profitable to build a shopping mall than a performing art center and a hotel. Everyone is in need of buying things. Buildings a shopping mall is going to profit. On the contrary, a performing art center could not be used frequently. There are enough art events to be held. What’s worse, not so many people in China are interested in arts. Some of them are not able to afford a ticket of a concert or even that of an art gallery. And it takes much money to maintain this art center in case those audio and visual equipment are broken. As for hotels, it is totally unnecessary, for the number of hotels in the city is more than enough. A number of factors will be taken into consideration when it comes to choosing a hotel, such as price, location, facilities and service.

  In sum, it is a better idea to introduce a shopping mall in a community, since people in the neighborhood could enjoy a more convenient and colorful life. Besides, it is more profitable to build a shopping mall.

  5. Some people think that giving students time during a class to discuss ideas with each other is a good way to help students learn; others think giving students time for discussion is ineffective or a waste of time. Which idea do you agree with, and why?"

  Score 5:

  As is known to all, the education in China is exam-oriented. Everything students learn in class is for passing the exams. There are few open topics for students to discuss in Chinese class. It is believed by both Chinese teachers and students that discussion in class is an ineffective way to learn. I totally agree with it.

  To begin with, Chinese students have got used to the way they are educated. Most students are required to listen carefully to the teachers and take as many note as possible in the class from primary school to senior high school. It will be too much to ask for students to accept class discussion within a short period of time. It is possible that students might not know what to say in the first place. When topics were given in class, it would be possible that the whole class would be silent. It is not only a waste of time, but also embarrassing.

  In addition, the effectiveness of class discussion depends on the students’ personality. Unlike students from western countries like the United States, Chinese students are introverted who are reluctant to express their ideas in front of their fellow classmates. Some students might be afraid of speaking in public. They are worried if they do something wrong, it will be quite humiliating. Some students are just not interested in sharing although they have plenty of amazing ideas in mind.

  Moreover, in order to conduct successful class discussion, the teacher plays the most crucial role. It is quite tough for the teacher to supervise the process. He is supposed to be capable of dealing with various challenges. He has to know how to start the topic when the whole class remains silent. Also he has to know how to engage as many students as possible. He has to know what to do when the discussion is absolutely off the topic.

  In sum, class discussion might be an effective teaching method in other countries. However, it is not the case in China. It takes time for Chinese students to get familiar with it. It might be good when students become more extraverted. The qualification of the teacher matters the most in carrying out a successful class discussion.

  6. Do you agree or disagree with the statement: Governments have done enough to educate the people the importance of a balanced lifestyle and healthy eating.

  Score 5:

  Do you have a healthy lifestyle? Before answering this question, we should first identify what is the standards of a healthy lifestyle. To enjoy a healthy lifestyle, a person should practice behaviors that could lead to positive outcomes, like enough sleeping, balanced eating, proper exercising, little stress, harmonious relationship and so on. Considering these standards, however, we might say few of the public are leading a healthy lifestyle and in my opinion, this is mostly because governments have not tried their best to educate people about healthy lifestyle and balanced diet.

  Admittedly, there are some efforts made already by government spreading the importance of health. However, these are only few and rarely generate impacts on public healthy lifestyle. A common phenomenon in modern society is that due to poor awareness aroused, increasing number of people, especially in large cities, work overtime, drink excessively and stay up late. At the same time, due to limited fund from government, sports facilities in community can only meet needs of a small number of residents, thus leading to lack of physical exercise in general. As a result, more people even the young are found to be in sub-health condition. This worrying trend indicates that government needs to do more to educate people the significance of a healthy lifestyle.

  Similarly, the endeavor that government has made in educating the importance of balanced eating is far from enough, especially that in food safety supervision. This in my country is particularly evident since there are variety of food safety incidents reported in China. For example, the Sanlu Milk Powder scandal which revealed that the powder added Melamine in order to increase the protein content of the milk can perfectly show the lack of supervision of food safety. Although since then Chinese government have carried out some policies to improve food hygiene, ironically, increasing number of Chinese people nowadays prefer to pay more for oversea products but have little confidence in domestic ones. If government had done enough to improve food safety, then there would be little possibility for the trend to appear.

  To sum up, I disagree with the statement that the government has done enough in educating people the significance of healthy lifestyle and balanced eating due to the facts that more people are suffering from health problem and less confidence is shown to local food safety.

  7. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? It is difficult to be teachers who are not only popular with students but also can improve their studying efficiency. Use specific reasons and examples or details to support your answer.





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